Which hat are you wearing?

Most of us have multiple roles — as business owners, professionals, workers, consumers, citizens, students, parents, and investors. So, our views of the world can differ according to whatever hat we're wearing at any one time.

KiwiSaver Vs. Volatility

Early in February after a long period of relative calm, the world found out that markets do contain a level of volatility they move up and DOWN and sometimes they can move quite quickly. What does this all mean to your average KiwiSaver investor… not much.

FAANG and the catchphrase investing


The financial media is drawn to catchphrases, acronyms, and buzzwords that can be sold as the new thing. FAANG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google) is the latest of these. But does this constitute an investment strategy?

Advisory firms law changes look like Aussie model

Smaller advice firms in New Zealand could find the new legislative regime is harder to deal with than they expect if the Australian experience is anything to go by. The Financial Markets Authority has indicated that it will allow the requirements of licensing to be tailored to fit the needs of smaller firms.

Bitcoin bubble, the new tulip mania Part II

ver the years there have been numerous economic bubbles and subsequent crashes, for example, the dot-com bubble, the stock-market bubble, and the real estate bubble.

But the one few may be aware of is the tulip bulb market bubble (also known as tulip mania) of the 17th century in the Netherlands.

The bitcoin bubble – Part I

What if there is a technological advancement so powerful that it transforms the fundamental pillars of our society?

A technology that fundamentally influences the way our economy, governance systems and business functions, and could change our conceptual understandings of trade, ownership, and trust.

Online security a work in progress

In an increasingly online world, we are sharing and disclosing more and more online, and that information is being held digitally.

New Zealand's attempt to reform it's Privacy Act and make security breaches public has yet to make it through Parliament, though the reform was first proposed in 2014.

Ponzi schemes and fools' gold

You've probably heard the saying "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is." This rings particularly true in the case on Ponzi schemes.

A Ponzi scheme is not a new wonder drug or an Italian beach resort, it's terrible for your financial health.

Trust Law reform Part III - Implications for trustees

Their disclosure obligations in the new trust act will increase the reputational and liability risk of not properly engaging with investment governance practices.

Trust Law Reform Part II- You'd best be prepared if trusts bill becomes law

The proposed law changes will mean the right to have the trust properly managed, in accordance with the trust deed, is paramount. Many trustees will need to balance these considerations, and it will be difficult.

Trust law reform Part I - benefits versus costs, responsibilities

With 300,000 to 500,000 trusts operating in New Zealand, a new trusts bill introduced to Parliament earlier this year has the potential to deliver wide-ranging impacts.

When does the underarm stop for Kiwis?

Currently in Australia there is more than $17 billion in unclaimed superannuation, which is not an insignificant sum of money, and we anticipate that a large proportion of these funds belongs to Kiwis.

House prices out of step

House prices in New Zealand versus the average Kiwi income have more than doubled since 1980.If you thought house prices were hot, you were right, but this figure shows home ownership is becoming a more and more distant dream for the average New Zealander, unless we see market slow-down or correction

Like Romans, fall on our sword and raise retirement age

The issue of ageing populations and funding retirement schemes is not a modern one - the Romans faced the same political and fiscal problems 2000 years ago.