Fine-wine investment too good to be true

Wine investment has barely been on the scene for two decades, and If you have a taste for investing in wine, it could be a hobby worth the money one can spare.

Protect your business against the unexpected

A business is only as good as its people.Although you may have implemented plans to protect your buildings and equipment, it's important you don't forget about protecting one of your most important assets - your people.

KiwiSaver Vs. Volatility

Early in February after a long period of relative calm, the world found out that markets do contain a level of volatility they move up and DOWN and sometimes they can move quite quickly. What does this all mean to your average KiwiSaver investor… not much.

Why We Do What We Do: Stories that motivates us.

 Life insurance is one of those things—you don't want to learn how important it is once it's too late. But that doesn't mean we know all the right things to do when it comes to getting a policy

Should I consider dollar cost averaging?

We are sometimes asked about dollar cost averaging when investing client funds and whether this is a good idea. It is certainly something which should be considered, particularly for first time investors, and those whom are introducing a substantial lump sum deposit into their investment portfolio.

Seven simple lessons on volatility

Renewed volatility in markets has awoken the investors from summertime slumber.

News directors drag out dated file footage of frantic traders and summon talking-head experts to explain what it all means. Well, what does it mean? More importantly, does it matter?

AI and real-time risk decisions in wealth management

This promises to be the year we see the culmination of some key technologies — from blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI), to design thinking and the cloud.

We are living during a surge of interest and research into AI. It can seem like every week there is a new breakthrough in the field and a record set in some task previously done by humans.

FAANG and the catchphrase investing


The financial media is drawn to catchphrases, acronyms, and buzzwords that can be sold as the new thing. FAANG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google) is the latest of these. But does this constitute an investment strategy?

It's not all smashed avocado for millennials – Part II

In New Zealand, trend pieces often depict millennials in the context of young urban professionals spending too much money on avocado-based brunches and too little time saving for a deposit on a house.

Millennials, take charge of your financial future – Part I

We have all read about the financial plight of millennials, who are not only drowning in student loan debt but other loans and expenses as well. They include car payments, rents or mortgages, and credit card bills.

Reading the tea leaves

Investors at year-end are inclined to reflect on the 12 months gone and muse on what the coming year might bring.Aware of this appetite for speculation, the media tends to feed it with forecasts. These articles can be fun to read but are even more so a year later.

‘Tis season to set yourself good financial goals

This New Year it is also a great time to start making solid financial resolutions that can help get you closer to your money goals, whether it’s increasing your retirement savings or setting enough money aside for a down payment on a house.

The rise of robo-advice in wealth management

The concept of “robot-advice”, the use of automation and digital techniques to build and manage portfolios of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and other instruments for investors, has gained significant attention within the wealth management industry.

Get insurance application right or blow your cover

When you apply for personal risk insurance, the insurer seeks answers to questions about your health, occupation and insurance needs.

This is so that the insurer can assess the likelihood of you making a claim and to assess the premium cost. You must answer all questions completely and honestly.

Advisory firms law changes look like Aussie model

Smaller advice firms in New Zealand could find the new legislative regime is harder to deal with than they expect if the Australian experience is anything to go by. The Financial Markets Authority has indicated that it will allow the requirements of licensing to be tailored to fit the needs of smaller firms.

Seven ways to tighten your Christmas spending

Last year, New Zealanders managed to spend a record $6 billion shopping in December, which was the highest monthly figure recorded by Statistics New Zealand.

Hawke's Bay enjoyed the highest holiday splurge, with a near 11 per cent increase on the previous year.

Bitcoin bubble, the new tulip mania Part II

ver the years there have been numerous economic bubbles and subsequent crashes, for example, the dot-com bubble, the stock-market bubble, and the real estate bubble.

But the one few may be aware of is the tulip bulb market bubble (also known as tulip mania) of the 17th century in the Netherlands.