Planning today's knows and tomorrow's unknowns starts here.

Since 1987, Stewart Group has been advocates for our clients, providing unbiased and objective advice to maximize your insurance coverage, minimize your premiums and mitigate risk. We act as a personal risk manager to ensure that our clients have peace of mind while saving time, money, and aggravation.

At Stewart Group, we don’t sell insurance. You are our client, not our sales target. We are a fully integrated, independent advisory firm with expertise in every aspect of the risk management and insurance advisory process.

At Stewart Group, we focus solely on personal and business insurance. We concentrate on saving money, saving time and creating peace of mind. We are able to do this because:

We provide unique customised solutions.

The insurance needs of individuals, families and business owners are unique. And we are unique in our understanding of the life you lead and how to protect you and those you value in your life. 

We know that you want the right protection at the best price with minimal involvement on your part. Delivering that is our commitment to you, a commitment we’re able to deliver 100% of the time because it is our passion.

We build personal relationships.

To us, the challenge of offering you the very best in personal insurance advice is one we meet with passionate conviction and focus. To us, insurance is personal. Getting to know you enables us to do our craft.