At Stewart Group, we don’t sell insurance. You will be our client, not our sales target. We are a fully integrated, independent advisory firm with expertise in every aspect of the risk management and insurance advisory process.

Have you considered protecting the most valuable assets of
your business – yourself and those you rely on?

It takes a lot of time and commitment to build a new business, with most business owners making sacrifices over the years as they establish their business into the successful venture it is today. After all that hard work, it makes sense to have protection in place for the business you have worked hard to create.

As with all business insurance, correct policy ownership and legal documentation to support these insurances is paramount to ensure the right money goes to the right person at the right time. In many cases, it may be appropriate for business policies to be owned by a third party bare trustee.

We can help business owners with a wide range of business insurance advice, whatever the size and nature of your business. 

We provide advise on

  • Business life cover safeguards your family's future, and the future of your business

  • Business continuity helps keep your business running when you lose a key person

  • Workplace insurance provided to employees by their employer, or offered to employees through their place of work

  • Living assurance protects your business from the impact of a major illness striking you or a key person

  • Total permanent disablement cover should you or a key person be permanently disabled, this can help keep the business going

Our risk management advisers ensure your business is adequately protected for the future and that ownership of your policies is appropriately structured. Contact us at 0800 878 961 or fill the form below if you would like to have a chat or a free second opinion consultation on your current business insurance cover.

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