Transfer your Aussie Superannuation

Have you worked in Australia after 1992 and contributed to an Australian complying superannuation scheme?

You can now bring your Aussie super savings back to New Zealand – provided you have permanently emigrated to New Zealand and the funds are transferred to a participating KiwiSaver scheme.

People who have worked in Australia are being urged to transfer their superannuation to New Zealand’s KiwiSaver or risk wrestling it from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

The Australian Government is increasing the threshold for employee superannuation accounts whose contributions have stopped and savers cannot be contacted, to be transferred to the ATO.

If you have an Australian superannuation account and wish to transfer it to a KiwiSaver Scheme, please fill up the form below or contact us via email for a free, no obligation second opinion consultation to determine your eligibility.

If you choose to proceed, standard fees will apply under our normal terms of engagement.


Transfer your UK Pension

Transferring a pension from the UK can be difficult and time consuming given there are strict rules that must be adhered to, and periodically these rules change.

Our team of advisers can assist you with this process to simplify the transfer of your pension into an approved New Zealand QROPS registered scheme and you can continue to enjoy your life.

If you would like further information please fill up the form below or drop an email.


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