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The pennies from Heaven and Lotto win makes a nice Hollywood story but in reality, people finances are hard won, it’s taken a long period of time and people have been thinking about a course of events for a very long time so they have a bit of a journey and history and they want assurance that their game plan is actually achievable.

For those who are working every day with retirement nearing, that distant future may be starting to feel a lot less hazy. People normally want a reassurance that they have a high probability of achieving their goals, with the amount of capital that they are going to have in time. For some people that bucket is overflowing.

They have achieved enough thus far without a need or a worry without having to take a risk. They can de-risk their portfolio of assets and go to a very defensive position and still have sufficient cash flow growth long term to meet their requirements with risk off the table.

For a generation nearing retirement, many have actually gone way past where they needed to because they’ve done particularly well and so planning for philanthropy and inter-generational wealth transfer are top of mind because it’s no longer about food or having a roof over your head. Those altruistic things resonate at a very deep level and can be hugely fulfilling to put into place.

Investing helps next generation!

I continued the legacy my father Don Stewart began in 1986 through tailored investments and insurance advice that reflected each client’s individual circumstances. With any family run business of that tenure, family values and business values are intertwined.

We follow a values-driven philosophy through an unwavering commitment to honesty, integrity, and loyalty. Our business philosophy mirrors that of our family values and we operate within these beliefs every day.

Every generation of family business gets a new set of business challenges and business opportunities and can approach each with the benefit of family counsel on what to do in these types of situations.

The opportunity brought by KiwiSaver to expand Stewart Group’s client base was the one I was quick to spot.

KiwiSaver is absolutely one of the things everyone should have. If you put $1,040 in per year and the government chips in $520 as a ‘thanks for coming’, that should be a yes from the get-go, and yet not everyone has joined.

Published in 100% Kiwi Business by Ryan Jennings.