Comprehensive details about how KiwiSaver works can be found at, however, here is Stewart Group's summary:
  • Up to $521.43 pa member tax credit (if aged 18 or over) if you contribute at least $1,042.86 each year ending 30 June;
  • If you are an employee, contributions are automatically deducted from your pay;
  • Compulsory minimum contribution from your employer of 3%;
  • Those under 18, self-employed or not employed can make voluntary contributions any time and of the amount they choose;
  • Access to a KiwiSaver HomeStart grant (qualifying conditions apply);
  • Ability to withdraw some of your balance for a first home purchase;
  • An easy way to start saving for your retirement and get saving;
  • Accessible to funds if you really need to (ie financial hardship or serious illness); and
  • Ability with some KiwiSaver providers to transfer your overseas pension/superannuation fund into your KiwiSaver scheme account.

Client Testimonials

p_2.jpgI have been a client of Stewart Group for about ten years.  As a result of Stewart Group’s advice, I received claim pay-outs totalling over $600,000 last year.  Risk insurance covers were originally put in place primarily to protect my family and business in the event of anything bad happening to me.  Read more ...

Anonymous, Hawke's Bay


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